For Over 20 Years We’ve Been Helping Small Companies to Dream Bigger

“We strive to maintain a high level of integrity in our work, and promise to deliver a top-notch product every time we go to bat. We value our client partnerships and work hard on their behalves consistently and creatively. We look forward to showing you what a difference we can make for your organization.”

Robert Rekward & Valerie Rekward
Delicious Design
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Reach New Heights
Give us a call and we’ll help your business soar above the competition.

Robert Rekward & Valerie Rekward

Delicious Design isn’t one of those companies that’ll claim any of that new-age “thinking-outside-of-the-box” mumbo jumbo. We know that finding the killer solution to a marketing problem means being ready to go the distance—and that takes a lot more than just adrenaline. A little discomfort never hurt anyone (but a lot of quitters will tell you otherwise). If you’re like us, going the distance is pure fun—so saddle-up!

If you want to stand apart from the competition, you need a fresh approach which positions your brand in a way that is unique and resonates with customers.

Here at Delicious Design, we specialize in charting out and guiding tactical brand marketing and advertising programs to help you reach your goals.

Your customers demand that their individuality is recognized and they look for companies that are as expressive as themselves. While they’ll occasionally follow the leader, you can bet that they’ll never follow the leader’s clone.

We help our clients to create messages that resonate with their customers, and more importantly, we help our advertising clients pull away from the pack through carefully crafted brand positioning and communication.

We’re driven to succeed for our clients and ourselves. If you want to create advertising that breathes down the neck of your competition, give us a call. Grrrrrr.

A small agency with a track record of big success

We’ve been helping small companies to dream bigger for over 20 years. We are extremely proud of all the businesses we have helped to succeed over the years. Watching businesses grow and thrive is what makes us tick. We will partner with you to achieve your goals and objectives. We will advise and create, manage and coach, and always deliver a quality product. How can we help you get to where you want to be? Let’s define what success looks like and put together a marketing plan to help you achieve it.