Our Brand Development Process

When we first contacted Delicious Design to update our logo, all we expected was a new logo, but we received so much more! To capture the perfect visual expression of our brand, they guided us through a discovery process that produced our brand identity, which has proven to be an invaluable reference tool for everything we do.
Ginger Waters
Marketing Director
Honolulu Cookie Company

Bend, Oregon Brand Design

In order to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, you need to understand what your brand difference is — and be able to communicate it clearly, quickly and memorably.

We’ll lead the charge!

We have over 30 years of experience in marketing and brand management. We’ll walk you through our brand development process and train you (and your key staff) how to ascertain what your brand is, and how to manage and project it in the real world.

Our brand position seminar is used to gather data and find consensus on key brand points. Then allow 5 to 10 working days for us to process and distill the information gathered at the seminar and draw up the final brand document. Last step is to present the final brand to you for your approval — along with a visual style-board — and then coach you on next steps towards implementation.

What does a Delicious Brand seminar include?

What we’ll do:

  • We will provide you with a client questionnaire for you to consider prior to the seminar
  • Review all of your company’s touch points with consumers
  • Review all of your company’s competitors so that we make sure to stand out and be different
  • Develop a firm understanding of your communication objectives
  • Make recommendations that will support your key objectives and bring your communications program in line with them
  • Give you measurement tools to evaluate future communications projects

The benefit to you is:

  • You’ll have a foundation for making more informed marketing and communications-based decisions
  • Your communications program will have more synergy with other areas of your business
  • You will achieve key objectives faster, with more cohesiveness and better ROI
  • No more “shotgun approach” to your marketing program

Final deliverable:

  • A comprehensive brand positioning document and style-board — usually around 20 pages.

How to get started?

It’s easy! Just contact us and we’ll help your transform and grow your business.

What comes after your brand position?

A comprehensive media and marketing plan (including budgets) with presentation, written creative brief for each identified project, management of each project from concept through completion, and measurement and review of the plan on a quarterly basis, including status/progress meetings and/or reporting.

  • Develop a comprehensive media and marketing plan
  • Identify specific projects to be undertaken
  • Write a creative brief for each new project identified
  • Assist in finding professional services for new projects (if needed)
  • Evaluate and measure projects and make recommendations for best synergy
  • Review and adjust media and marketing plan for best results

The benefit to you is:

  • Having a dedicated “Marketing Manager” without all the overhead
  • You’ll have a set budget for your marketing program with a timeline for completion
  • Manage expectations and have a cohesive, well-planned media and marketing program
  • Achieve those elusive communications goals and objectives – and watch your business thrive!

More than Great Branding & Design

We bring together a full package of marketing components to help our client to win in the marketplace.

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