The Value of Great Creative

Great Creative Gets Results

Key Concept: You can’t bore people into buying your product. Creative communication matters more now than ever before.

What’s the power of great creative?

This question has come up recently, as many companies look for ways to cut back and hold on through the current economic challenge. But if you really explore this question, you’ll realize that you already know the answer based on your own experience.

Which ads catch your interest, both in print and online? Which landing pages stand out, make a great impression and make you click? What companies do you continue to buy from even in an economic downturn? The answer is simple. The companies you buy from are the ones that give you what you want in a way that’s clear, easy, engaging, respectful, intelligent, relevant, and original.

The power of great design is that it over-delivers. It gives respondents what they are looking for, but it also exceeds expectations. Showing that you’re creative signals that you care about and respect your audience. It shows the world that you approach your work with quality and craftsmanship. Great creative affects your brand when you need it most: The moment a prospect is forming his first impression of you.

The best people in the field have spent years honing their craft. You wouldn’t do your own dentistry, would you?

So, how much of a difference does this make? You can measure it precisely.

Put a mediocre ad and a cookie-cutter landing page up against a professionally designed challenger that’s deftly executed and charged with creative electricity. Next, compare the results: click-through rate, conversion rate, return on advertising spent, and overall ROI. The lesson is clear: If you are going to hire a team to assist you with marketing, don’t skimp on the creative. Hire excellent creative professionals to contribute their part to your marketing vision.

Creative design and production are skills and talents not everyone has. The best people in the field have spent years honing their craft. You wouldn’t do your own dentistry, would you? If professional creative can cost-justify itself, and give your company a competitive edge, it would be economically irrational not to employ it. After all, if you are going to make an investment in your company, you might as well make it count.

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