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Since 1995, we have been partnering with the Kauai Film Commission. Through three versions of their web site, numerous print ad campaigns, and several brochure iterations, we’ve watched them score destination contracts for movie upon movie, including hits such as “Jurassic Park,” “Avatar,” “The Descendants,” and “Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.”

The Team at Delicious Design partners with us to keep Kauai as a top of mind location for filmmakers and production companies. This partnership has contributed to the Kauai Film Commission's success in communicating our message of diverse locations and climates, as well as great people who care, support and recognize the importance of the film industry to Kauai. Delicious always works with us with Aloha, and these are the key reasons why we have continued to partner with them for more than 20+ years.
Randall Francisco
Kauai Film Commissioner
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Kauai Film Commission Website

Kauai Film Commission Website

We built the first Kauai Film Commission website in 1995, and have rebuilt and maintained it for them since then. The 2016 Kauai Film Commission website was completely rebuilt from the ground up and is now mobile-friendly. Other enhancements include more location photos, updated information on how to produce a film on Kauai, online film permit application, fully updated Production Resource Directory that will assist film professionals in finding everything from animal wranglers to welders, and a digital archive of locations that can be shared privately with film industry location scouts.
Film Kauai Brochure

Film Kauai Brochure

Kauai is known for her diverse beauty and has been the leading lady in many a film. The goal of this brochure was to showcase the diversity of one small island as everything from the Australian outback, or the deepest jungle in Africa, to the opening scene from Fantasy Island, along with a bunch of technical information that film producers need to make informed decisions about where to shoot.

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