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Stroke Awareness Oregon Website

Stroke Awareness Oregon Website

A non-profit organization based in Bend, Oregon, Stroke Awareness Oregon’s mission is to reduce the impact of stroke through education and awareness. Stroke is a common healthcare emergency that can strike anyone, at any age. The symptoms of a stroke are often written off as a ‘headache’ or ‘drowsy feeling’ when in reality, it’s a serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment. Act F.A.S.T. when you see the symptoms of a stroke because every second counts!
Stroke Awareness Oregon Logo Design

Stroke Awareness Oregon Logo Design

Stroke Awareness Oregon is a non-profit Central Oregon organization committed to reducing the impact of stroke through education and awareness. Our logo design solution literally encourages people to think about stroke.
Wilcox Health Capital Campaign

Wilcox Health Capital Campaign

Working with Wilcox Health Foundation on this capital campaign was a very rewarding experience. Not only did our whole staff benefit from the new technology that would be available to us all at the local hospital, they all volunteered some time and energy to help the campaign succeed. We produced a wide variety of materials, starting with a campaign position that turned into the main theme, “Picture the Future,” but also included a web site, print materials, banners, campaign thermometer, direct mail pieces, invitations to special events, and the list goes on.

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