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Goldsmiths Kauai wanted to garner more design work. The brand development process pointed out who their target audience was and what it would take to get them to chose Goldsmiths Kauai over their competitors. With the groundwork laid, we developed print ads both product-centric and “advertorial” style. Supporting the ads were brochures, posters and direct mail campaigns that proved quite successful in repositioning them as “designers.”

Val and Robert at Delicious have been invaluable to our business, in creating and sustaining our advertising campaign!
Mark Meador
  • Brand Coaching
  • Print Advertising
Goldsmith’s Jewelry Advertising

Goldsmith’s Jewelry Advertising

An ongoing series that positions the team at Goldsmiths Kauai as the incredible designers that they are. The project cost includes the design and production of three distinctive ads that showcase their award-winning jewelry.

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