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Honolulu Cookie Company makes incredible shortbread cookies. Period. Every cookie flavor they create goes through many months of creating and testing before they ever hit the shelves. We were recommended to them by a business associate to assist them in identifying their brand, and updating their look and feel. Upon completion of an intense multi-day brand seminar, a new brand position was born that bore the fruit of a logomark and new packaging designs. Bon appetit!

“To capture the perfect visual expression of our brand, they guided us through a discovery process that produced our brand identity, which has proven to be an invaluable reference tool for everything we do.”
Ginger Waters
Marketing Director
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Honolulu Cookie Co. Logo Design

Honolulu Cookie Co. Logo Design

Since Honolulu Cookie Company already had a concept in place, we just refined the typography and the pineapple to give it a fresh new look.