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The recent cannabis legalization movement created an untapped array of new business opportunities, and while thousands of Americans saw the opportunity and thought, “we should do something in that market” — Olala founders, Noel and Kate, actually did, selling their home to boot-strap their vision.

Olala began to prototype its cannabis-infused products at a rapid pace, quickly learning from failures and leveraging successes. The first product was a THC infused cake-pop that lost money, but customers loved — that was the seminal moment in Olala’s story.

Flash forward: Olala now has a strong portfolio of successful products including cannabis-infused sodas, beverages, coffees and full-profile, food-grade CO2 vape oil sold in cartridges, syringes, and dabs.

Olala came to Delicious when they needed to take their marketing and design to the next level. We collaborated with their team to create an effective cannabis marketing program which will launch them into new markets.

We love working with Delicious! Great strategy, great execution, and the quality of the work is tremendous!
Kate Quackenbush
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Plan
  • Cannabis Website Design
  • Cannabis Soda Packaging
  • Print Brochures
  • Trade Show Collateral
Olala Website Design

Olala Website Design

We created this fun, fresh and colorful website design for Olala in early 2018. The site features an overview of their delicious cannabis-infused soft drinks, tonics, sparkling waters, coffees and food-grade CO2 extracted oils which are sold in Washington State’s 502 licensed retail stores.
Olala Logo and Tagline Design

Olala Logo and Tagline Design

Olala is an edible cannabis product manufacturer in Washington State with some deep Hawaii roots — kind of like Delicious! We were really excited for the opportunity to refine and update their logo, brand, and identity — as well as develop a tagline that would set them apart from all the other competitors in the retail market. These are fun projects for a fun client!
Olala Cannabis Product Brochure

Olala Cannabis Product Brochure

This 12-page product brochure is handed out by the Olala sales team to retail buyers and shop owners in Washington State’s legal marijuana market. It features some strong brand messaging and the wide variety of wholesale THC and CBD infused products that Olala offers.
Olala Surfboard Bottle Openers

Olala Surfboard Bottle Openers

We designed this set of four super-popular surfboard-shaped magnetic bottle openers for Olala. Sales reps take them to 502 shops in Washington and give them to budtenders who snatch them up before their co-workers can get their hands on ’em!
Olala 4-Pack Bottle Carrier

Olala 4-Pack Bottle Carrier

Cannabis-infused sodas and beverages are often sold in Washington retail shops as “single bottles” — so we created this Olala-branded 4-pack bottle carrier so customers would have an easier way to carry multiple bottles — and encourage them to purchase more.
Olala Shop Posters

Olala Shop Posters

This is one of a series of four retail posters we designed and produced for Olala’s sales team to use as give-away items for Washington State cannabis store bud-tenders. Light on sales message and strong on the brand-vibe these posters have been a big hit. Photo credit: @alohashhley

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