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If you haven’t heard of James Wilson or MTB Strength Training Systems, you must not be a mountain biker. Thousands of avid cyclists flock to James’ website every day to get an edge on their fitness and his articles have been published in Decline, Pinkbike,, Mountain Bike, Men’s Health and more.

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Pedaling Innovations Logomark

Pedaling Innovations Logomark

When our good friend James Wilson invented a unique new pedal design he called us to give him a hand with the design of an identity and logomark. The collaboration lead to a very successful new product launch and Pedaling Innovations is literally off to the races.

James Wilson of MTB Strength Training Systems hired us to update and upgrade his Wordpress blog design in 2010—the goal was to make the site easier to navigate and manage, as well as drive more traffic to become customers instead of just web visitors. The project was a huge success and currently serves thousands of page views per day.